Milk River Watershed Council Canada - Integrated Watershed Management Plan (IWMP)

The Milk River Integrated Watershed Management Plan (IWMP) makes recommendations for resource management in the Milk River watershed that reflect local perspectives. The IWMP will be a guidance document and planning tool for resource managers working in the Milk River watershed. The Plan will address the management of surface water and groundwater supply and quality, riparian areas and wetlands, biodiversity and land use to ensure that resources are available for future generations. 

The IWMP Planning Team has drafted targets, thresholds and recommendations for each of the resource areas using a scientific approach that incorporates local knowledge and research from the Milk River watershed. As noted previously, draft water quality objectives (WQOs) for four reaches of the Milk River were developed using data collected from the on-going surface water monitoring program. Draft riparian management objectives and recommendations were developed for riparian areas and wetlands located in five reaches of the watershed (the same four reaches delineated for water quality objectives plus the eastern tributaries) using historical, pooled riparian health assessment data. The Milk River IWMP also makes recommendations for groundwater and range management, river access management and commercial/industrial activities in the watershed. The IWMP Team is currently working to develop recommendations regarding private land management and the economy.

A technical review of the targets, thresholds and recommendations by multi-stakeholders was held December 6, 2012. Input from the technical group was incorporated into the plan which was then brought to the community at a Public Input Meeting which was held March 6, 2013.

Feedback from the December 6, 2020 multi-stakeholder IWMP meeting can be accessed here.

Download discussion papers:

The Draft IWMP is now available. Please note that this is a working document. Your comments and feedback regarding the content of this plan will be considered in the final version. Printed copies of the plan are also available at the Milk River Watershed Council Canada office.

The Milk River Watershed Council Canada is committed to providing opportunities for input to ensure that the IWMP reflects local expectations for watershed management.   Municipalities will be asked to provide comments on the draft plan and offer suggestions on how the recommendations may be implemented. The MRWCC intends to have the Milk River IWMP completed and adopted in 2013. The IWMP will be a living document that is updated as new information becomes available. 

Your questions and comments are welcome. If you would like more information on the Milk River Integrated Watershed Management Plan, please contact Sandi Riemersma at [email protected]