Spring Sample Run

Back on April 7 I sampled the watershed at the 10 sites selected by the council.  The regular crew were getting ready for the AGM.

There are vast differences between the east part of the basin and the west. These differences are most striking in the spring.  The site near Del Bonita was partially snow covered and the Milk River was frozen still.  Near the town of Milk River the ground was bare and dry.  Here the river was open with many large chunks of ice flowing on the surface.  Further east the land was even drier with tributaries like Miner's Coulee empty and dry.  The Milk River was on the rise with the supplimental water from the St. Mary's.  On this day the high water had reached all but the furthest downstream site on the Pinhorn Range.

Wildlife watching was excellent on this day.  Picture taking was not as good as I was driving solo and the perfect picture was often gone by the time I had pulled over. 

Near Whiskey Gap there were deer by the hundreds, small flocks of Snow Geese, and two Golden Eagles. 

East of the town of Milk River I saw three hawks (unfamiliar to me) hunting a jack rabbit.  They were taking turns swooping down at the rabbit.  As the rabbit changed directions the next hawk would try to intercept him.  I didn't see the final outcome.

On the eastern end of the basin I was seeing antelope, more snow geese, and meadow larks.

Not bad for one day out in the field.