Pasture as high as an antelope's eye

After the amazingly wet spring we have had, with snow and rain events that saturated almost the entire southern Alberta I had to look at the results of these events for myself.

So after a meeting in Milk River on June 24th I took the opportunity to drive through the Verdigris coulee and Middle coulee onto the Ridge Reservoir. Once the meetings were over and a delicious lunch in Milk River, off I went maps in hand.

Spring Sample Run

Back on April 7 I sampled the watershed at the 10 sites selected by the council.  The regular crew were getting ready for the AGM.

Waiting for the Water

The diversion of water from the St.

Winter Sampling

As part of my work with Alberta Environment, I often travel to Milk River at Hwy 880 bridge to collect our monthly long term sample.  It seems that almost every time I go to collect a winter sample in snows the night before.  I don't know what the odds of this happening is, but I am starting to take in personally.  On January 19 of this year, on top of the fresh fallen snow, we (Salina Perry and myself) were seeing all  kinds of distortions in the light because of warm air and cold air mixing.  It made the Sweetgrass Hills look like hoodoos instead.

Welcome to Milk River Blogging

Welcome to the MRWCC's Blog site!  Here, we hope you will share stories about the Milk River's history, people, wildlife, weather and other daily events.  We are particularly interested in your river observations, like flow volumes and ice movement.  Enjoy!